Bilal Travels Faisalabad Timing Fare​​ Schedule

Faisalabad Terminal:
Kohistan Express near Railway Station Faisalabad

Lahore Terminal:
Rahbar Terminal Opposite city terminal Chowk Yateem Khana Lahore.

Bilal Travels Faisalabad to Lahore

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06:00 AM(DAEWOO-45) Rs.413
06:40 AM(MAN-45) Rs.590
08:00 AM(MAN-31) Rs.510
08:30 AM(DAEWOO-45) Rs.413
09:00 AM(DAEWOO-45) Rs.443
09:25 AM(DAEWOO-45) Rs.590
09:50 AM(DAEWOO-45) Rs.590
10:15 AM(MAN-45) Rs.590
10:40 AM(MAN-45) Rs.590
11:05 AM(MAN-31) Rs.680
11:55 AM(MAN-45) Rs.590
12:20 PM(DAEWOO-45) Rs.590
12:45 PM(MAN-45) Rs.590
01:10 PM(DAEWOO-45) Rs.590
01:35 PM(DAEWOO-45) Rs.590
02:00 PM(MAN-31) Rs.510
02:25 PM(MAN-45) Rs.590
02:50 PM(MAN-45) Rs.590
03:15 PM(MAN-45) Rs.590
03:40 PM(DAEWOO-45) Rs.590
04:05 PM(MAN-45) Rs.590
04:30 PM(DAEWOO-45) Rs.413
04:55 PM(MAN-31) Rs.680
05:20 PM(MAN-45) Rs.590
05:45 PM(MAN-45) Rs.590
06:10 PM(MAN-45) Rs.590
06:35 PM(MAN-45) Rs.590
07:00 PM(MAN-45) Rs.384
07:25 PM(MAN-45) Rs.590
07:50 PM(MAN-31) Rs.680
08:40 PM(MAN-45) Rs.384
09:20 PM(MAN-45) Rs.384
10:00 PM(DAEWOO-45) Rs.384
11:00 PM(MAN-31) Rs.510


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